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How do I get access to my courses on Moodle and Zoom as a student?

Once you have registered for your classes in AGNES, you now need the passwords for your courses on Moodle and on Zoom. If you have not registered for your courses via AGNES yet, please do so immediately.

For Moodle you need a password and for Zoom you need a Meeting ID and a password. You will get these from your course instructors.


Please follow these steps:

1. Once you have registered in AGNES, you will receive an e-mail with your course information and passwords. Please wait for this e-mail.

2. If you have not gotten an e-mail yet: Please look up your course Moodle (by searching for your course’s number or it’s title. Look up if there are any notes from your course instruction in the course description on Moodle (e.g. that you need to register for this course via e-mail etc).

3. If you cannot find any information on this from your course’s website on Moodle, please send an e-mail to your course instructor. You can find the e-mail address either in your cours’s details on AGNES under "Zugeordnete Person": https://agnes.hu-berlin.de/

If you cannot find your course instructor’s e-mail address on AGNES, try to look him or her up on the HU’s website:  https://www.hu-berlin.de/de/service/zisneu/